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About the Spectacular

The Texas Mesquite & Fine Arts Spectacular is the premier small town art fair in Texas where patrons discover unique treasures made by hand. Celebrating 31 years of success, the 2024 Spectacular has evolved to celebrate not only its traditional focus on mesquite wood art and craft, but also a wide variety of other visual fine art and craft in mediums such as other woods, leather, fabric, metal, glass, gourds, fiber, canvas, paper, etc. 


Mesquite artists and artisans contribute a unique ambiance to art featured at the Spectacular. Their particular art varies from year to year, but expect to discover spectacular furniture, turnings, mantels, delicate scroll work, charcuteries, sculpture, pens and pencils, lamps, and a host of unique times featuring Texas’ own “exotic” mesquite wood.


If you are visiting Fredericksburg for the first time, the visitor center has more information about available accommodations. 




Friday, October 11 Noon - 6pm

Saturday, October 12 10am - 6pm

Sunday, October 13 10am - 3pm

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